Sunday, 18 March 2018

HOW TO TURN $100 TO $30000

Here is how you can turn $100 to $30000 in a month .Have you ever thought of starting your own business and turned back because you didn't have reasonable  amount of capital investment to get started .

Well we have a good news for you if your willing to work hard to get your goals  and dreams to accomplish . 

Keep in mind that ,the huge real estate movers do not have or use there money in market rather they borrow money from other investors .

 That's what you have to do if your problem not getting  started your own business is money .

Best way to get started  :-

You can start a shopify  dropshipping business  with a minimum capital of $100
Now what is dropshipping 
Dropshipping  is a type of business where you place orders for your customers   from other ecommerce website like Ali express  for a small amount  of profit .

For doing  dropshippng  you don't  need  to have any inventory  or warehouse .

How to get started and scale it up

1. Get a shopify store
2. Add winning  products  to your store 
3. Use Facebook  ads to drive traffic to your store  
    Start with $5 use targeted  traffic
4. Keep testing your products by changing  your ad sets 
5. You can also Use instagram  shotouts

Recommend  Resources 

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